2015 birthday

I open the back door and walk out into the yard with Odin, my Schnauzer. Immediately, I hear a mourning dove and look to see where it is. As I stand looking upward, into the Ash tree that provides needed shade throughout the summer, I see doves landing on the branches until there is finally seven. It is my birthday. So I think of Ash and how it symbolizes sacrifice and higher wisdom. I reflect on the meaning of numbers. The aspects associated with seven are wisdom, seeker, truth and negatively can manifest as critical or lack of faith. The tree is in the Northwest corner which speaks of teaching , trust and inner spiritual renewal. The Dove invokes hope to remind us that new life is always there for us – a reminder – let go of what has passed and look for the possibilities of the future.

I ask for guidance throughout the coming year. I continue to seek the truths of my life and ask that my feet be blessed and remain on the good red road.