An unexpected Invitation or announcement can sometimdrumminges be a beginning,  a walk down a path that inspires or brings peace.   I had been looking for a drumming circle for some time. I just happened to see where one was being offered and decided I would attend. I knew no one,  but that was often the way with these type of journeys for me. Walking into the little rustic cottage the smell of a recent smudge filled my senses and at once I was at ease.  Native art covered the walls. There were drums placed on the table and blankets thrown across sofas and chairs.  Tin roofing,  hand hewn floors and walls and I thought of one of my friends and her home on North Mountain.  I stood silent , observing. When you have significant hearing loss you learn to be quiet and observe as you know you will miss half of what is said. You learn to trust what you see in body language and facial expressions.

The drumming was a gentle release of frustrations, anger and hurts that had been building daily.  What I noticed the most, as I sat in this circle in the woods, was the feeling. The sharing of spiritual lessons and growth among like minded others and though I could not hear half of what was said, I felt at ease and a part of me felt at home with these strangers who reminded me of a circle long ago. A circle that changed my life forever .


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