The first time I did any Spirit work here in the Hill Country, outside of my own private space,  I met with a friend, on her land, under the new Moon, to tap into a Kali Ma Empowerment I had written years before.  As soon as we got seated, her horse came over to be in our circle. I don’t remember any particular ritual but I do remember the feeling of working with Spirit while a horse walked around you ,  watching with interest.  I was thrilled and honored by his presence in our work.

This past weekend, as I sat in a space I have grown to love in two visits, I saw that I would be honored by horse once more.  As soon as we began to settle into our places the horses began to draw closer. They came through the cedars, some running, some walking, some singing as loud as they could. I was at a Drumming circle and the Four directions had been summoned.  It was time to work.  I looked all around me as the herd came through and tears begin to flow. I  remembered today that Chinese astrology lessons were of horse people being adventurous, friendly and deeply emotional,  but when the herd came in, there was nothing but us and them. There were no words.

An Arabian came over and chuffed in my ear. sniffing at me while another curious female stood in the background.  She was white or gray, difficult to say without being closer but I had caught her image in the corner of my eye as I focused on the beat of the drums. She stood alone, but connected and that connection could be felt.   There was Magic around us, swirling and pulsing.  We drummed, we released, we prayed and sought Guidance and horse surrounded us saying ‘”come with me, come discover your power and freedom.” And we smiled and we laughed while we said our goodbyes and we walked so much taller than when we arrived .+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-Lisa C-+-+-+-+-+-+-+


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