DSC_0255 The promise of changes to come has walked closely with me since the year began. Now this week with Lent beginning, I have employed my physical body as well as spiritual and mental bodies to “cleanse” for the season. I have been considering different options and feeling almost traitorous because I realize the Hill Country is my home. Having the Gypsy stir your soul to go, explore, see it all, made me envious of a friend of mine who told the story of coming into Lexington, VA, years ago, and knowing she was home. She was right, she was home, but I did not really know that feeling until the past two years. I was talking about wanting more permanent housing because” I was home”. I spoke of the rivers, the land, the migratory pathways I witness, my grandson being close by and my daughter chimed in ” and you found an awesome drumming circle” and I laughed because I have been seeking one for almost thirty years. I think now that door has opened because I have found my own heart beat. I have lived through storms that continue to swell and ebb to this day and I have witnessed the things I did not want to see, or know, and carried them heavy behind me…my own private trail of tears, but I know who I am more than I ever have… and I can touch gently on the love I have had for those who are gone from this world … and I can and do, cry in the Walmart line and don’t give a rat’s who sees me … and all the things that we do as humans that give tapestry to the lives we are living,.. I do those things too …but it is nice to be at this place. I thank the Sisters who are present and walking their path and for the sound and fury of the drums.





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